License to Live - 38 Steps To Your True Self

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Author, motivational speaker, and Life Coach, Gilda Arruda has written a number of critically acclaimed books: Then Came Heaven, Twice Wronged, The Promise of Tomorrow, Amor Proibido-Forbidden Love, Dr. Irving Fradkin-Words to Ignite The American Dream: A Book Based on the Work of Dr. Irving Fradkin and Dollars for Scholars/Scholarship America. She also co-authored A Boy and his Music, a children’s book based on the life of Joseph Raposo, composer and co-founder of Sesame Street. This book was honored at the internationally renowned Fall River Festival of the Arts. License to Live - 38 Steps To Your True Self. Gilda was also interviewed about the book for Investor’s Business Daily. She is also a member of VOWW (Voices of Women Worldwide) with 1,900-plus members spreading across over 130 countries and a large social media network of friends. She is also contributing writer for Sybil Magazine.

My Purpose:

Two months after my husbands passing, I realized that I was grieving my grief more than the loss of my husband. I was feeling the self-pity cycle settling in, and I didn’t want to fall into the seduction of rage. A Loss brings on two fierce emotions, we either become very humbled and in awe of the time we spent with that person or we become angry and bitter feeding the grief emotion. I experienced both. The truth is that we live, and move, and exist, with good intentions filled with raw emotions. In acknowledging my pain, I began the process of healing because I began the process of living by reducing the control that grief had over me grieving. Grief no longer controlled me, I controlled it. There is no doubt that in the in the process of living our daily existence, a memory won’t creep up and take us to an impulse of anger, betrayal, and rejection. After 2 months, I retreated to a beach house in Florida. There I experienced unexpected optimism and an attitude of motivation, to be open to new possibilities with a new sense of freedom of choice towards my emotions. I left that beach house focussed on my passage of past into the present. My Life purpose is to help someone in their crisis, who is in the chill of sorrow, using words to move the heart, on that Florida beach, I was given a License to Live. In wanting to share my personal reflections on my experience as I went through the process of death and dying with my husband I wrote License to Live - 38 Steps To Your True Self. It brings a deep awareness of motives, values and the power of choice, which opens the gateway to better living.

Live one more time making a difference. Let someone know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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Speaker, Motivational/Life Coaching is for all who seek to connect with their spirit voice and recognize Divine guidance, that allows synchronicity’s flow. Connect to Spirit voice, that still voice within (intuition) it is a personal companion that touches the human soul. Experience a peace beyond all understanding as it invites and supports spiritual change…as my life journey changed my travel wasn’t always comfortable, there were maps that I did not want to follow. My passion, my Life purpose is to help someone in their crisis, who is in the chill of sorrow. I want to scatter laughter, to heal wounds, I want to help someone using words to move the heart and action to support movement.

My thoughts

Embrace the Future

Losing someone special in your life brings a deep sense of emotions, values, and the power of choice. Loss although universal is very specific and very personal. Everyone has a story to tell and no one is exempt from the pain and loss. License to

The Real Connection

I am sharing what prompted me to move forward with the hope that it will inspire you to risk taking the challenges that you are facing and be open to new posibilites.The good news is that we don’t have to stand in the shadows of the past, we can mesh the past with the future, that which has ended and what is new. We just have to find the comfort of the in-between. 

Sometimes we rush the change without experiencing it first. Everything changes and is always changing. Time is the healer of all pain. Never doubt your instinct, it will always guide you in the right direction.

License to Live

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